Benefits Of Padmasana: Are you also troubled by insomnia, then do this

Benefits Of Padmasana: Taking excessive stress not only affects mental but also physical health. According to health experts, due to stress, there is a problem of high blood pressure and insomnia. In English it is called Insomnia. In this condition the person does not sleep at night. For this, make a comprehensive change in food and lifestyle. Do not consume tea and coffee at bedtime. At the same time, do not do mobile surfing till late night. Apart from this, to overcome the problem of insomnia, do yoga and exercise daily. There are many postures of yoga. One of them is Padmasana. By doing this yoga, the problem of insomnia goes away. Come, let’s know everything about it-

Benefits Of Padmasana, How To Do Padmasana, Padmasana


Padmasana is made up of two words padma meaning lotus and asana meaning sitting posture. In simple words, meditating while sitting in the lotus posture is called Padmasana. By doing this yoga, there is a lot of relief in mental stress. Along with doing Padmasan, the mind remains calm. Energy circulates in the body. Apart from this, the problems faced by women during pregnancy and menstruation are removed.

how to do padmasana

For this, first lay a yoga mat on the flat ground. Then sit on the floor in Pranayama posture. During this, keep in mind that the spine, head and neck remain in a straight line. Be relaxed. Breathe slowly. Now keep both your hands on the knees and focus on the front part of the nose. Close your eyes after a few moments. Now breathe normally and release. Do this yoga daily. This removes mental stress and keeps the mind calm. By reducing stress, the problem of insomnia goes away. You can check youtube also.

How To Do Padmasana, Padmasana

Why should we do Padmasan?

We all have an unstable and restless mind and due to physical and mental stress, we are surrounded by diseases. Padmasana removes our physical and mental stress by making us stable so that we can stay healthy. Its practice increases our concentration, so that we can do any work better. By doing Padmasana, the mind and heart remain calm and happy and by its practice your body blossoms like a full lotus, that is why this asana is known as “Padma Asana”.

We all should practice Padmasana for at least 5 minutes daily.

Precautions for Padmasana – Who should not do it ?

You should always keep in mind some important things and precautions while doing Padmasan.

  • If you have injury or pain in your knee or ankle then this asana should not be done.
  • You should always practice this asana under the supervision of an experienced yoga teacher, especially if you are a beginner.
  • Even if you have excessive pain or strain in any body part while doing Padmasana, do not do it. Practice according to your ability.
  • Do not do this if you have varicose veins.

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